Modern communication…

Just in case there is some confusion about all these recent invites, here are a few bits of information for all my loyal followers.

This blog was started because the MyFamily site was requesting money to continue my account. I tried, but really did not like the set-up, so I canceled that account. This blog will be much easier to deal with, with the added benefit that those who read it don’t have to feel all guilty that they aren’t contributing. Now you can keep up on the news of my cool new finds with no stress.

I have a flickr account ‘bumanns’, where you will find a large majority of the family pictures uploaded, along with personal letters.

The family tree is here (my own personal web site).

So hopefully folks will find this helpful and occasionally interesting.


Author: jenbumann

Genealogists, sci-fi nut, voracious reader, animal lover.

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