On the road…

Well here it is, or close, September 24th, the day that I head out to Salt Lake City, Utah again to do some intense genealogical research.

The main focus of my trip this time is the SHEPARD line, and in preparation I have been boning up on the details of all the related lines these past few weeks. I am pretty sure that I am ready. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I find something of genealogical value.

This trip Mary and I have decided that we will take a day off and do a little site seeing…”Here’s the big brown mountain, there’s the big brown hill, and over there is the big brown desert., and wait for it, look it’s the big salty lake.” Can’t wait.

But the weather will be 80s and sunny! I will keep folks updated on my progress as the week goes by. Later.

p.s. boy is my iPad going to get a work out next week!