DNA lessons…


I have a good sized list of blogs that I read to keep up with the field of genealogy. This list includes everything from software programs, research techniques, new databases, the law, even genetics.

One of my favorite blogs helps us genealogists try to understand how using DNA can enhance our family history research. I read it to try and understand what all the genetic testing results mean when it comes to our own genealogical background. Because even though I understand some bits, the whole subject can get confusing and overwhelming, what with yDNA, mtDNA, SNPs, STRs, haplogroups, markers, etc. Recently this blogger posted a link to some videos that were reintroduced to the internet. So I thought I would share them because I thought that they do a pretty good job of helping the beginner understand the basics of what all this DNA stuff means.

I recommend starting with the ‘Inherited DNA and Chromosomes’ list of videos, they are all pretty short only a couple minutes each, but they each do a pretty good job of covering the basics, with images that help the subject stick in one’s brain in any easy to consume manner. Enjoy!


Author: jenbumann

Genealogists, sci-fi nut, voracious reader, animal lover.

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