A little side project…

I haven’t really been doing much genealogy lately. Which is also why I haven’t posted any thing other than letters on my blog for the last month or so. In the summer there is a tendancy to do less research, as I find I would rather enjoy the weather, way more than I want to sit inside and analyze data, and work on brick walls.

But I have started one project that has been on the back burner for a while, and that is scan in all the individual images from my ancestor’s photo albums. The whole pages are currently on my flickr site, but I wanted to scan the images separately. I have 4 of these albums and they are taking a tediously long time to scan, but each image will be at least 8x10ish in size and 600 dpi. I have also been uploading them to my flickr site in their own album as I go.

One and 1/2 albums are done. I will be working on this project over the next two weeks. Hopefully I can finish it, but as I said, it is taking a tediously long time.

So far this is my favorite picture:

This is my grandmother Myrtle pouring tea for her friends at her outdoor tea party. Sometime in the 1910s. I think she looks adorable in this picture.


UPDATE: August 4th – ALL DONE! Well with those 4 albums anyway. I still have others to do. But one bite at a time.


April 29, 1944 William Shepard to parents…


2413 Elgin Ave
Muskogee, Okla.
29 april, 1944

Dear Mother and Dad:

Ill dash you off a letter and eat. I awoke late this morning and have written a ream of letters.

It is still cool here. The wind is always blowing. I wont know how to fly in calm weather when it comes, if it does.

The flying is coming along O.K. I have 5 hours 40 min. now. I will probably solo when I get about 10 hours. It is so strict now that Ill be lucky to get through. If I should happen to wash out, Ill call Lois and have her come down for a short visit, as I will


probably go overseas right away. If I don’t, then you folks can come down and bring K W and Susie. Do you think that would be okay? If everything goes as planned, you all will be coming out about July 1st.

No news of any importance so I’ll close.
All my love

Early 1944 William Shepard to parents…


Dear Mother and Dad:

Well the waiting is over and I have passed the tests. I start training Monday March 13, 1944. I should finish training in November or December. I will probably get test-pilot work, but if I dont, Ill get fighter aviation. Its what I want.

I miss you all. It was sure nice being home. Ill get another leave when I finish training. (I hope) Ill be in Texas until I finish. If you all can why dont you come down this summer? About a week


or two before I graduate I want Lois to come down. We can talk about that later.

I dieted for five days when I came down. Then I just got in under the limits.

All my buddies passed the exams, but most the other fellows in the bunch washed out twelve out of twenty five failed. Only six out of twenty five made pilot. Bob Orr, Cleveland, Bill Stewart, Texas, Maness, S. Caroline, Pick-?, and Steve Butler, Youngstown made navigator.

We all buddy around together

Well folks, Ill sign off for a while