What’s this all about?

How patriotic of me. McClellan AFB newspaper, many moons ago.

I am using this blog to keep the family (and any one else interested) updated on my family history research. As a warning to readers, I will show bias and opinions in my posts – I just can’t help myself. As I am a family historian I do not censor, (do you know what your children are reading online?), or sugarcoat anything I find regarding my ancestors, so if you don’t like what you read, don’t blame me blame your ancestors. (NOTE: I do make sure that the person of interest, their spouse and children are dead before sharing any scandalous material.)

So everyone can enjoy our family photographs, I have a FLICKR site where all family related images are free to download. I also have an instagram account under the name jenbumann, where I upload a pic a day,  hashtag #jensancestors. For cool videos that might pop up check out my YouTube Channel.  I haven’t really made full use of this account, yet.

Keeping up with modern genealogical research techniques I have family DNA results involved in JOHN, SHEPARD, and CAIN DNA surname projects at FamilyTreeDNA.

And last, but not least, here is my web site My John and Shepard Ancestors.

If you think you’re related, don’t hesitate to contact me as I look forward to meeting long lost cousins and sharing what I have found…as long as you reciprocate.


10 thoughts on “What’s this all about?”

  1. I can’t wait to take some time to peruse your blog. My mom is Doug Shepard’s Aunt Judy Shepard Wince from West Virginia . . . I would participate in your DNA research but I was adopted. It does not however stop me from wanting to know all about the whole family who loved me as I were their own in every way. I don’t for a second not think that this is MY family too . . . I have always had such an interest in my Grandma’s Shepard’s ancestor’s. I will get after Mom to see what pictures we have in the albums she has.


    1. Tracey – it is great to hear from another Shepard cousin. If your family has Shepard and related photos that is great, we have so many that are unidentified and I would love to know who all these people are. We have had some luck with other cousins chiming in with names, more is always better.


  2. Hi Jen,

    My son, Benjamin’s very distant grandmother is Elizabeth Shepard the daughter of Deacon John Shepard and Elizabeth Woodruff. Elizabeth married Isaac Sacket.

    My son has many relatives that are from Westfield, Massachusetts, in which several served in the Revolution-Day, Nimocks, Noble, Sacket, Shepard, along with others from the area in Connecticut-Howland, Peake, Marcy.

    My son was born in Marietta, Ohio in 1987. We have photos of him by the Enoch Shepard’s gravesite at the Indian Mound Cemetery. We lived about 50 yards from there.

    I, personally collect artifacts from the Revolution. I also have signed documents from various family members-a document of Enoch Shepard in Marietta, a document signed by William Shepard, Jr., a letter sent to William Shepard, Sr, a letter signed by William L. Marcy-Sec. of State and a letter signed by Delos B Sackett-Inspector General of the Army.

    I am always researching family history of the French/Indian War, American Revolution and Shay’s Rebellion. Ben was a member of the Children of the American Revolution, Sons of the Revolution and has now applied for membership into the Sons of the American Revolution.

    Henry DeJulia


  3. Hello! I came across your site while researching my mom’s side of the family. It appears that we have a common ancestor; Andries Rees through Willem.


  4. Hello, while reading I came across a person I may be related to and was wondering if you have any information on who John Webbs wife T. Clevenger Webb’s parenst names?


    1. Hi Katlynn,

      At this time I have no evidence that Clevenger is his wife’s surname, other’s might, but I haven’t seen the source. I personally do not have the parents of Theodocia or her husband John, yet.


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