Gone cross-eyed…

Last month I ordered a few reels of microfilm for newspapers from the Wabeno and White Lake area of Wisconsin to try and find Victor and Gert or any of their boys in the local papers.

It took me 3 weeks to get through 1898-1910 and 1922-1925. One reel of which was completely out of focus and barely readable. But I found out lots of interesting little tidbits about the family dynamics.

In fact one great find I already mentioned on the old family site – Clarence’s first marriage.

Other things of interest include the fact that while Victor was station agent in Wabeno, Gert went home to Oconto and Gillett visiting family and friends at least twice a month. Johanna only came to visit once as did Gert parents, while F. W. came to visit quite often. Victor was musically inclined and very popular in town as the funny man. Linc came to visit several times after he moved out west to work on the railroad in Wyoming. Clarence is hardly mentioned at all in the paper.

So while my eyes recover from this batch of microfilm I am already looking forward to the next.


My first blog…

Well folks to make it easier to keep everyone interested informed about my research progress on the Shepard and John lines, I have decided to try blogging it. After all, everyone is doing it. So look for some updates heading this way soon.